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Louis discovers an interesting tweet on Twitter and Harry likes the idea Louis comes up with. I found the prompt to this story on tumblr, here's the link and here's the text: "ok hear me out. imagine this as a larry au. where they are friends and one of them (doesnt matter who) sees this tweet. they say something to the other like we should become friends with benefits. but only to help reduce the risk like the tweet says. bc its 100% true and we need to be safe and why not help each other. then the fall in love blah blah. someone write this pls. make it long and be creative. id love you forever" *** READ BEFORE YOU CLICK! Before you start reading, please consider that this story is only fiction. In case if you don't feel comfortable with (adult) contents as sex or cheating, you should definitely not read this story. I used a lot of explicit language which isn't aproppriate for everyone. But it's on you whether you read it or not. :) To everyone who wants to read this fic, I hope you will enjoy my story ♥ It took me a long time to write it . . . it definitely was a challenge. Oh and - mistakes happen, I hope you will only find a few. Attention! This story contains sexual actions. (I want to mention that again, just in case . . . ) Don't translate or publish my work without my permission.

Chapter 1 - The Tweet (2018)

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