Her Only Chance
By TaylorLeFay
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Where trust is the thing you cannot rely on, who can you trust? ____________________________________________________ What I went through . . . I couldn't wish that upon anyone. It wasn't just horrific, it was everything. I walked through death, walked through heartbreak, I walked through betrayal, I walked through a city of ruins, I walked through unimaginable tests. I survived against things you wouldn't even want to know. Things you couldn't even conjure up with your imagination. But I still did. But you want to know the worst of it all? I only had one chance. ____________________________________________________ Where nations are now out of control with the sudden rise of population and the demand of essential items and access to shelter, the government needed to take back control of society. So all the major powers of the world joined together and after a long ten decades of suffering, came to a conclusion; Resdue. Which was basically an acronym of saying 'death test'. Two students from each individual high school in either grade eleven or twelve would be chosen by the principle and teaching committee to be sent to the Resdue Test. You were supposed to rely on your partner and was forced to as if one partner were to die, you would join them in death. But when Bryce Henson is chosen from her school, she can only hope she can survive the first test.


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Her Only...
by TaylorLeFay