Behind The Hoodie
By DontNoticeMe333
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"Just remember, if we get caught you're deaf and I don't speak English." "You're over thinking this, trust me. We won't get caught," he says with a smirk as he scans over my face, staring at my lips for a moment until stopping when his eyes meet mine. I smile back at him. ~~~~~~~~~~ Wish I could say that a lot of people cared for me. That was what I always said till I became a sophmore in high school. I was being beaten by the high school bullies like every other day who love to target me since I am a professional nerd at school, that is, till the scariest person and his group of bad boys stepped up. And my life took a real big turn. ~~~~~ "You wanna know how I can tell when your lying?" "I'm not lying!" He says exasperatingly. "You have the habit of staring at my lips whenever you lie. As if looking for me to call you out on your lie," I say smirking at him. "You ever think that maybe that's just because I just want to kiss you?" ~~~~~~ You ever read a book that makes you wish you were the main character, despite the struggles just so you can feel that fear that the author tries to describe? Well, that's what my life has turned into. I may be a nerd at school but I have one big secret that is really me. I'm a street fighter who hides her identity. And I don't fight or talk back at school. And these scary bad boys don't know that I am that street fighter they all have a crush on. The flames start to rise... And I dance through them as best as I can... though in the end, I fall... And the flames consume us all... But I'm the only one that burns...


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Behind Th...
by DontNoticeMe333