My Blessed Life - 9...
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If someone had the key to financial freedom, would you take it? What's stopping you now? My Blessed Life: 9 Steps to Financial Freedom and Abundance represents the nine life-changing steps and principles that I followed and implemented in my life back in 2015 and that empowered me to eliminate over $84,000 of debt in less than a year, overcome depression, anxiety, and daily pain. The following year I paid $108,000 to my mortgage, paid for a wedding, honeymoon, rings ($18,000), fully funded a Roth IRA ($5500), increased my 401(k) contributions to 15%, and saved a six-month emergency fund ($30,000). While this book focuses how teaching you what I did to achieve these results and teaching you how to do the same, it's more than abundance is more than money. Money is just a tool. I want you to have abundance in every aspect of your life. My debt was one obstacle that caused me a lot of pain, but my awakening was more than my poor life choices and the consequences of them, but also a new outlook on life and having abundance in other areas and seeing the blessings all around. My hope is that this book will empower you like it did me. What follows is only a sample. You can get the full version here: Are you ready for a new you? A life of freedom and blessing? Let's go!

What to expect from this book and what not to expect

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My Blesse...
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