My Night Out (BOOK...
By kittykaye1
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Faith is a plain Jane. She has brown hair an green eyes. Her Mother died when she was 12 from cancer. She goes to school and dreams of one boy. On the night of the costume ball. She decides to put her plan into action. She is gong to get him into her bed. If only just for one night. She knows he would never have talked to her in the first place. And that is why he will never know who she is. Steve finds the most incredible woman and asks her to a dance. He talked and danced with her. So when she asks him to go to her room at the Hotel. He does not hesitate to agree. But the next morning she is gone. She leaves him a note telling him not to find her. But he can not forgot the night in her arms. He does not even know her name. But every where he look he see's her green eyes in every girl. But one girl does not like the idea of Steve with another woman. And she will do what ever it takes to make sure that her and Steve are the only couple in the end.

My night out (COMPLETE)

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My Night...
by kittykaye1