The Library of Powe...
By Mat_Wische
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In the city famous for having an excess of superheroes, Jackson can travel to the place they are created. Afraid someone will use his power for evil, Jackson keeps to himself, hiding his extraordinary abilities. That is, until his high school learns he has powers. They may not know what they are, but his life is still turned upside down. Superpowers are always connected to a place, either in our world or outside it. And Jackson's world, both in and out, is getting more complicated. A shadowy society schemes in the background from the highest levels of Vera City's government. A locked door appears in the Library of Powers. The Writing Well sends a message. And someone is watching, perhaps even orchestrating it all. Jackson, however, has bigger problems to deal with, like pop quizzes, parties, and a snooping Principal. And even for the first time in his life, friends. Maybe, just maybe, his powers being revealed was a good thing. --- Originally called: The Writing Well, The Library of Powers, and Jackson.


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The Libra...
by Mat_Wische