A Song For You
By UnsinkableShips
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When college student Emmy joins an online support group at the encouragement of her therapist, the last thing she expects is to connect with the lead singer of the most famous rock group in the world. ***** Emmy has had a rough couple of years, to say the least. So when her psychologist recommends that she joins an online support group, she thinks she knows what to expect. But the back and forth e-mails between her and famous rock singer Johnny Decker are the last thing she ever counted on. Despite the world of differences between them, Emmy can't help but feel like she knows Johnny better than she knows herself. Supportive emails turn into a growing friendship, and Emmy is grateful to finally have someone who understands. Soon, life without Johnny seems unthinkable, but is there hope for them in the offline world? [[Word count: 70,000 - 80,000]] Cover designed by Ashley Bandy Spin-off to Holding onto You Trigger warning: This story contains swearing, mature themes, sexual content and references to substance abuse.

A Song For You

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A Song Fo...
by UnsinkableShips