Thick Mate.
By Kevaddella
  • Werewolf
  • drama
  • heartbreak
  • hot
  • love
  • lovetriangle
  • relationships
  • secondchances


With everything ounce of strength I have I used to push Malcolm off of me. I got up off of the bed, pulled down my big T-shirt and waited for his reaction. He stood up grabbed his shirt off the floor all the while not facing me, I'm not going to lie that hurt. " I'm not going to be able to be around you while you're in heat, either you let me make you mine or we mate". And with that he left. Addella isn't short from being called a nerd as she's a straight A student besides that she's also curvy but everyone see's her as fat,what will Addella do when the Beta of her pack takes an interest in her, what will her mate the Soon to be Alpha of her pack Kam comes from training to find his beta and new mate in what can be called a blossoming relationship, will she choose her mate or the first guy who loves and wants her to be his. Sexual Content.

Chapter 1

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Thick Mat...
by Kevaddella