Being A Dad : Sebas...
By marvelgirl1337
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"Say 'I' " I said carefully. "Ai !" said Ashley excitedly. I have a very hyper baby! "Love" I said slowly. "Bub!" Ashley said and made me chuckle. I was holding my laugh. "You!" I said happily. "Beu!" Ashley said with a grin. "I love you!" I said as I kissed her other cheek. "Abubu!" said Ashley and started to clap her hands. Much self appreciation. huh? Ashley was sitting in my thighs facing me. And we were having a very mature conversation. She stood up from my thighs. Carefully took two steps and in the third step she tripped and I caught her. She immediately warped her tiny arms around my neck. Hugging me. "So much being a big girl huh?" I said as I kissed the back of her head and rubbed her back. After a while she leaned back fisting my t-shirt firmly for balance. She looked at my eyes with her ocean blue eyes. To be very honest, I have never appreciate my eye color until Ashley got it from me. She made a cute pout which made her the most adorable baby in the world. She gave me a drooly wet kiss on my lips and grinned mischievously. "Abubu!" said Ashley happily as she jumped in my arms. "I love you too baby!" I said as I gave her a big Daddy bear hug #7 in #infinitywar #143 in #sebastianstan ♥ #1 in #stan #1 in #cuteness Shout out to the amazing person who made this cute cover! @trusfratedtae ❤️❤️

Being A Dad

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Being A D...
by marvelgirl1337