My Over Protective...
By Mari_Kerry
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4 Older brothers 2 loving parents And are all overprotective of me... My name is Amber and this is my story on how I survive in my family home with crazy protective brothers that don't let me lift a finger. SNEAK PEAK: "What's that your holding?" I ask my brother Grey curiously, he currently has one hand behind his back and his shoulder leaning casually against the bathroom door. He reveals his hidden hand and stretches it out to me, I gasp when I see what he's giving me. "Why do you have Tampons Grey?!" I ask with a confused and shocked look while eyeing the colourful box before me. "According to my phone's calendar, your period is due in a few days and I want my cutie to be prepared." "But why Grey?" "Because whatever goes in and out of my princess, I want to know about." DISCLAIMER!! The relationships between Amber and her brothers is weird. I have written it to be weird so please have that in mind before you start reading. And please don't judge!

Chapter 1

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