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Dream Fray is a girl known at school for being a nerd but what people don't know is that she is a street fighter/ racer known as STAR. She hides herself from everyone to keep her secrets safe. She is also very talented in singing and dancing but doesn't like to show it off. But what happens when Logan Time comes to Dreams school. He is known for being one of the most feared gang leaders in England. Boys envy him girls wanna date him. Everyday he has girls throw themselves at him but when he spots Dream he wants to know why his charm doesn't work on her. He is also talented as he can dance as well. What happens when they are paired in a project together? What will happen when he tries to figure her out? Will she let him in or will she push him away? What happens if he finds out about her past? Well you will just have to read: .................... Hey sorry for this intro: this is my first book There may be many spelling and grammar mistakes. Don't judge. This story may include many triggers (self harm, rape and bullying) I warned you Enjoy reading ?

Dream: chap 1 (edited)

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by Forgotten-girl72