Tales of a Girl
By peachxvision
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At night, she pulls her blanket to herself, takes her pen, and remembers every bit of detail in her life. She had a lot to write about her regrets of the past, her doubts of the present, and her worries for her future. She did not want to think, but she still will, mixing all time lines in her head. She was the girl with anxiety. At dawn, she wakes up, takes her pen, and remembers that she must love herself before she can love anyone. She had a lot to write about the boy who wanted her back after he broke her heart. Even so, she won't, for she has decided that from now on, she will choose herself first. She was the girl who got away. In the morning, she continues to live, takes her pen, and remembers how blessed she is to be loved. She had a lot to write about everything under the sun, including her adventures with the person who loved her dearly. She takes note of all of them, both small and big, until he kisses her and takes her away from the harsh reality. Indeed, she was the girl whom he fell for. Three different girls with twenty-five tales to tell, all because the universe taught them to love . . . and to write.

Tales of the Girl with Anxiety

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Tales of...
by peachxvision