1| Shadows [A.L.]?...
By KxtWxllxcx
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Book #1 of 'Blackstorms And Where To Find Them' ____ °My shadow's the only one that walks beside me. My shallow heart's the only thing that's beating. -Green Day, Boulevard Of Broken Dreams ____ She was born to protect. And she did. She protected her redhead best friend and their mundane friend. Until the redhead became eighteen. The day when three mysterious people entered their life because the redhead saw what she shouldn't... Saw what she was protected from. Saw that a blond boy, a tall archer and a flirtatious female killed along with her friend a group of weird acting 'men'. A fight against the circle and a hunt for three mortal instruments that could end everything around them. A fight for love and family, where the blonde female falls for the boy with the bow. Where the two Shadows fall for each other. ____ #1 - themortalinstruments 7/25/20 #1 - shadowhunters 2/9/2019 #1 - JaceWayland 4/5/2019 Seasons 1-3 - Completed and Edited

°Season 1

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1| Shadow...
by KxtWxllxcx