Ethan and Dominic (...
By ladydianna01
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Ethan and Dominic are friends, the best of friends since they were practically in the womb. Hell, their parents were even best friends. So naturally both boys grew up together sharing everything, a unique bond that was unbreakable by anyone or anything. Each boy grew into men and their attraction to each other grew as well. When they both announced their sexuality to their parents, each parental unit hoped that one day both boys would get together, and their budding relationship looked promising until their senior year in high school. That was when Ethan, the smaller and more sensitive of the two drew into himself. He became even more introverted than he already was, and Dominic tried everything to get him to open up. But Ethan was prone to panic attacks and Dominic just let it rest but he refused to lose Ethan and watched out for his love from behind the scenes. They went on to go college and Dominic became a very promising up and coming Surgeon, and Ethan became a world renown chef owning one of the most popular five star eateries in their area. It wasn't until someone from their past showed up and caused Ethan ordered little world to be turned upside down and he fell apart. And Dominic was there as always to piece Ethan, the object of his affections back together again. Read their story and enjoy a little bit of romance and a tale of healing by a lifetime of love.

Ethan and Dominic (manxman) Short Story

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Ethan and...
by ladydianna01