Why the Caged Siren...
By ABGrace2
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Humans know nothing about the truth of sirens. We are not a form of your fantasy of "Mermaids", we live on land, on islands away from people, in fear that humans will find us. We do not lure people to their deaths, we simple sing to sing. It's in our nature to sing, when happy, sad, or simple to let each other know where we are. It is not our fault that humans find themselves captivated by our songs. It is their fault that their ships crash on our shores. But it doesn't take long until they find fault in us, and seek a form of revenge. I don't know if the humans tales of us being sea creatures comes from with their fascination of the endless depths of the sea, believing that creatures beyond comprehension reside there; or if it's the fact that angry sailors find their revenge in tying our feet together with a large boulder and throwing us into the ocean to end our lives with water-logged songs. Maybe it simple comes from what they tell people when they return home; that the sirens are in the ocean where they belong. I grew up knowing the truth, of the horror of the relation between sirens and humans. I also grew up knowing that a human hasn't come in contact with our kind in many years. We thought humans lost their fascination with us and our songs long ago; We thought wrong.

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Why the C...
by ABGrace2