Something lived, So...
By HindAbakar
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It's said you are likely to find a partner where you study or work, I beg to differ. Some wouldn't mind a partner from another tribe or race but a lot more trust to marry from their tribe. Most people find it unrealistic and somewhat impossible to be open to interracial relationships. But with the hate going on in this world the least we can do is fall in love where ever love finds us, we shouldn't push people away solely because of their tribe or race. Some can't even stand being friend with other tribes or race. Let's spread love as far as we can and at the end of it all we will realize that we couldn't be tribalist or racist even if we wanted because we would all finally be one. At least that is the dream, And dreams starts from some where. **** This is a story about diversity and building bridges. Finding love and putting faith in Allah to guide the halalway. The bittersweet life offers, the stuggle families go through and the strenght and love they have to over come the pain and the obstacles.


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by HindAbakar