Wolf Child
By TheNorthernEagle
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●A cursed infant ◆ A wolf pack ◆ An ancient prophecy ◆ An unforgettable adventure● Ferhia knew nothing about her past, nor did she know about her parentage. For nearly fourteen years she lived with the Pack, but she knew the wolves were keeping something away from them. ●●● Kilfer feared for his sister. In fact, the entire pack feared his sister. As the days draw near, their worries turn into anger. But he knew that he was not prepared for what would come... ○●○ Sneak peek... Along the gushing river and under the silver glare of the faint moonlight, the infant woke, her deep blue eyes staring up at the sky, white and misty. Not far away from her, a pack of wolves stared at the newborn infant, and on top of the Alpha of the Pack, a boy not older than five sat. His eyes still fixated on her, he whispered something inaudible to the other wolves into its ears, and it nodded, shifting its rather massive head up and down slowly. Padding nimbly to where the awakened newborn was, it grabbed the tunic gently with its teeth and turned back to the pack, leaving the riverbank... ______________ Milestones😊 Hit 1k reads on 13th January 2019 Hit 250 votes on 17 June 2019 Hit 1.5k reads on 1st July 2019 Hit 300 votes on 30 November 2019 Hit 2k reads on 23 Dec 2019 Hit 2.5k reads on 9 March 2020 Hit 3.5k reads on 4 April 2020 Hit 4k reads and 350 votes on 9 April 2020 Hit 5k reads and 400 votes on 1 May 2020 Hit 6k reads on 16 May 2020


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Wolf Child
by TheNorthernEagle