The Locker Room
By Taleth
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A Happy Valentine's Day Surprise Short Story from your friendly neighborhood Phaulkon. *** Valerie Greco hates Alexis Sterling, and the feeling is mutual. It seems as if the two have been at war ever since they stepped foot on campus, although no one really knows why. The one thing they are forced to play nice for is their soccer team, but they've just played the final game of the year, and Val has some unfinished business with the Sterling girl before the night is through. ***NOTICE: This short story is NOT in ANY WAY related to the storyline in 'Alex's Girl' or 'Lost Then Found'. I repeat: NOT RELATED. Not a prequel. Not a spinoff. Not related. It merely uses heavily tweaked, 2D versions of the same characters. You will find their actions rather out-of-character (or in-character if they were drunk, dumb teenagers with completely different lives/backstories).

The Locker Room

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The Locke...
by Taleth