Autism and the Life...
By sleepymeep5
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This book is written in fiction, it has a lot of dark themes, drama, violence, and a tiny lack of romance. Please take caution in reading this book. This book shows an autism boy having a huge fear of communicating with people and a girl who was lifeless can't speak to them but can communicate using hand signals or written notes. But soon to find out that something wasn't right and the Autism has to find out what is going on, however, someone knows what happened but he won't say a word. The Autism felt a direct connection to the Lifeless girl hoping that she was the key to stop his autism. Romance or not depends on his actions towards the girl. But there were no connections, after all, it was a lifeless broken love before a disaster happens to their lives. However, the Lifeless is hiding something along with the Journalist. Will the Autism save the Lifeless, or the cycle will repeat again? Answers lie within the boy's actions. ======= Autism - a variable developmental disorder that appears by age three and is characterized by impairment of the ability to form normal social relationships, by impairment of the ability to communicate with others, and by repetitive behavior patterns called also autistic disorder Lifeless - not endowed with life, having no life ====== Update: There will be a lot of refixing along with refixing the word count, languages, and a lot of ideas to think of.

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Autism an...
by sleepymeep5