Max Hunter of Silen...
By ElisaFreilich
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Max Hunter is all about his music. The boy with the dimples that just won't quit has found solace in song - solace from a world where his mother mysteriously vanished and his father went mad for the wanting of her. Respite from the stream of female conquests he thought would fill the emptiness inside him. The only way to fill that emptiness was with music. So Max lost himself in a world of chords and runs and loaded lyrics. Until he met Portia Griffin. When he met Portia Griffin, the emptiness vanished. And in its stead a world of games and Gods took hold of him until he longed to be empty once more. Max Hunter is one of the leading male characters in Silent Echo: A Siren's Tale by Elisa Freilich. To read more about him and all of SE's colorful characters, visit .

Max Hunter of Silent Echo: A Siren's Tale

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Max Hunte...
by ElisaFreilich