The Ashen Wrath (WA...
By Dugnin
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A science fiction novella in 76 chapters. The Privus live a life of safety and luxury in The Walled City, while the Thrall are forced to labor in isolated fields and factories. Menacing machines keep the working class under constant surveillance, administering deadly punishments to those who fail to meet work quotas or attempt to leave their assigned zone. Armed with forbidden knowledge given to him by his grandfather, a teenage Thrall named Danth begins testing the limits of the drones' surveillance. After breaching the borders of his village, he meets a young woman from another zone as well as a banished scientist from The Walled City. Together, they make plans to end the reign of the Privus and bring freedom back to the Thrall.

The Ashen Wrath

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The Ashen...
by Dugnin