The D Generation...
By EricJBest
  • Science Fiction
  • aliens
  • alternative-power
  • dystopia
  • rednecks
  • vermont


The American dream is dead along with most Americans. An entire generation wonders what the $&!@ to do now. The factories are closed, gas is outlawed, power lines are the relics of another age, and food is available if you can grow it. This is the world of James Mann. This is Vermont in 2056. James doesn't care if the world is going down. The headaches come at random, and he has no idea where he goes at night. Precognitive visions haunt him and always end with his knife killing the same man. He never wanted to murder anyone before ... except Radcliff Pitts, the man in his visions, and the one man who deserves it. But before James can figure out whether he's a murderer or not, the evidence speaks for itself. Rad is dead.

The D Generation - Death of a Redneck

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The D Gen...
by EricJBest