Felix Fein of Silen...
By ElisaFreilich
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Felix Fein was a happy child, enjoying the love of his parents and three sisters, until one day he found himself in the throes of an inexplicable virus which left him deaf at the age of eight. Lucky for him, he found a best friend in Portia Griffin, a girl who cried at the moment of her birth and was then rendered mysteriously mute. Together Felix and Portia carved out their own world, replete with a language all their own and antics that never ceased to delight. But that world is about to change when the friends suddenly find themselves at the precipice of adulthood. And apparently adulthood for Portia comes replete with a voice. A voice that leaves Felix as the lone inhabitant of the world they had so lovingly built together. Felix Fein is one of the main characters of Silent Echo: A Siren's Tale by Elisa Freilich. To read more about him and SE's other colorful characters, visit www.elisafreilich.com .

Felix Fein of Silent Echo: A Siren's Tale

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Felix Fei...
by ElisaFreilich