Knight of Shadows
By RRRodriguez84
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Ongoing (3 new chapters to come! Story undergoing major editing if you would give feedback on any update it would be welcomed.) Cover by @-jolyne- 'He saw a blurry mental image of a woman holding the hand of a man. Lord Titus awakes panting.' A story of a modern-day knight known for his cold nature, namely his temper. He fails to show any sign of love, after the tragedy that became of his life. No ordinary knight/lord he creates his own Code and always does what is necessary to get the job done! That Code is the one thing that helps keep him and his brother alive as an old rival plot their deaths sending everything from bounty hunters to track them down and capture them to assassins to outright eliminate them. This story does not have a typical happy ending so if that is your thing this is the wrong book! The story will contain dark humor and mild violence. As such, I had to rate it Mature. Sorry for those who can not read this story. I honestly don't know how they would determine your age anyway. If you like fan fiction, tragedy and Harry Style check out this profile @Joshayali_Styles

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Knight of...
by RRRodriguez84