The Daughter of Cap...
By BTWimoriginal_x
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When captain America finds a baby orphan girl he adopts her as his own hoping to give her a normal life as his daughter. But when your adoptive family is the worlds most powerful superheroes, your life is any thing BUT normal. Follow Kate as she try's to understand her crazy upside down life and attempts to fit in with people who are extraordinary. But what happens when your not as ordinary as you thought? Mystery and Danger are no strangers to Kate, so when an old enemy comes back seeking revenge. Will she rise to the challenge? or will her whole family suffer the wrath of Loki. I own nothing in this story it's is all owned by Marvel. I only own the characters that I make up and the story line. This is a PG-13 for language and for later chapters I will make it obvious were this applys!


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The Daugh...
by BTWimoriginal_x