The Creator **UNDER...
By AllOfTimeNSpace
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Camille is just a normal girl leading a normal life, until she meets the Doctor and discovers that she must open the watch and become the oldest being in the universe--that she must become the Creator. Vina is one of the oldest beings in the Universe, the forbidden byproduct of a relationship between an Eternal and a Chronovore. She goes by many names: the Divine Eternal, the Benevolent One, and if you ask the Time Lords--The Creator--and was sent into forced hiding in what was seen as an act of political aggression, but just might have been an act of protection. Dark forces are gathering throughout the galaxies--throughout the universes--and it is up to Vina, with the help of clever counterparts from her universe and beyond, to stop them before all of time and space is unraveled. Disclaimer: The Doctor and all original Doctor Who plot lines and characters belong to BBC. The only things I own are Vina and my original story lines and plot bunnies.

Jumping Puddles

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The Creat...
by AllOfTimeNSpace