The Seventh Queen
By SamLondon2018
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#7 in Historic 08/10/2018 #7 in HistoricalFantasy 08/10/2018 "The First brought Fire and Blood; The Second brought Glory and Gold. The Third brought a King besides her; The Fourth brought one Realm from four. The Fifth brought an Empress's Crown; The Sixth brought the End of an Age. And the people will weep with tears of blood and our hopes will fade to dust. At the bleeding of the moon the Seventh will be forged and she will be mighty and just." The Prophecy of the One-Eyed Seer The Samirian Empire has fallen. The Sixth Queen lost her heart and her Empire to the traitor Darius the Bastard. She also lost her head to him. Her six year old daughter Ayda is presumed dead with the rest of the Samirian Royal Family. Darius takes no chances and sets a bounty on the raven haired child. Now Darius has split the Empire into its separate Kingdoms and rules them with his mistress and his own three bastards. Darius is cruel and the once mighty and peaceful empire is now a place of evil and suffering. After fifteen years the people have lost hope and faith in the prophecy, but when the One-Eyed Seer walks the land again to tell the people their Princess is alive and well the populace are ready to fight to their death to crown their Seventh Queen. *WARNING CONTAINS SEXUAL SCENES AND SCENES OF VIOLENCE AND BAD LANGUAGE*


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The Seven...
by SamLondon2018