drowning in violet...
By uviophiks
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skephalo art school au in which darryl has synesthesia ! (featuring many semi-philosophical metaphors for the stars) word count: 11.5k there was a boy with caramel brown hair and chocolate eyes that turned a light shade of tawny in the sun. he had long fingers that seemed to lay steady whenever he talked or wrote. there was a boy with dark eyes full of light who never came to class without his booming laugh and wore light blue hoodies that hid his tan skin. he was blue. he was the feeling of a clear sky on a january's day and the icy chill of a blizzard. the rush of a wave on a peaceful beach. his name was zak, and darryl had found himself falling head first into the misfortune that happened to be falling in love with someone who had a personality brighter than the stars above them. #1 in skephalo - 06/18/20 - 06/21/20 #1 in mcyt - 07/21/20 - 07/25/20 DISCLAIMER: skeppy and badboyhalo are real people and their characters belong to the creators respectively. this work is purely fictional and does not reflect the actual lives/behaviors of any person mentioned themselves. enjoy the story! :-)

07:30 AM, Wednesday

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by uviophiks