Love And Vengeance
By _samii_meow_
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"Dylan I like you." "Okay! I know that you like me but now what, do you have something else to say?" She couldn't get even the slightest bit of idea about what he was trying to say. "No nothing else but your ans...?" she was stopped in mid sentence when he said, "Sorry but I can't do that because i don't want to do that." All the things he did including him staring at her so intensely that when her dark brown locked with his amber ones he wouldn't hesitate to look away but she would certainly and making her burst out in laughing was all a part of a big hoax and nothing else. ************ "Are you willing to take Samara as your lawfully wedded wife?" "Yes I do!" "And you Miss Watson are you willing to take Dylan as your lawfully wedded husband?" "Yes!" He didn't even wait a single second more and pulled her closer to him and captured her lips with his. He didn't knew that the 'yes' that came out of Samara's lips was only because she had decided to hurt him , destroy him and break him just the way he did to her many years before. *********** A love story of revenge. Will her feelings change towards him or will she be successful in achieving her goal of hurting him, read to get the answer. With Loads of love, Gianna

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Love And...
by _samii_meow_