Exposed (Ivar Lothb...
By pixie-wings
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Summary: Ivar Lothbrok was once the most feared and most desired Crime Boss in Kattegat City until an accident damaged his legs and he let his pride take over. Ivar's ruthless and miserable and hates people especially those who try to help him overcome his pain. Athena Michaels has worked her ass off to get to where she is now. Growing up in the foster system, she's never had anything of her own until she opens up her own Physical Therapy practice. Athena's outspoken and likes to push people and isn't afraid to take what she wants. Athena should be pleased when she is offered an outrageous amount of money to be the notorious Ivar Lothbrok's physical therapist, but she can't help to feel hatred for the man who has basically given up on himself given the resources available. What happens when two of the most stubborn people find themselves exposed to one another? What happens when other secrets are exposed too?

I: Adjustment

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Exposed (...
by pixie-wings