The Alpha and Her B...
By ZA_Dresden
  • Werewolf
  • beta-mate
  • female-alpha
  • gruesome
  • romance
  • teen
  • werewolf


Book Two in "The Alpha" Series. Can be read as a standalone if you wish. (Some references to the past may not make as much sense though) Ruslana-Slava is the eldest of three children, and even though she is the only daughter she is heir to her fathers, Vasili Konstantin, seat as Alpha. With two younger brothers and a growing pack, the pack is also growing divided. Factions pop up supporting her younger brothers, Alexei and Vladislav, despite them being content with their future positions as Beta and Delta. With internal problems on the rise the Konstantin packs foundation is being shaken to the very core, while external problems are stacking up. Ruslana-Slava, a fierce she-wolf with the thirst to protect her own, and a need to prove herself to those around her strives to make the US quake underneath her feet aiming to dominate the country, even the whole continent, as its sole Alpha like the Alpha King in Europe. She bares her fangs at anyone who dares to oppose her, facing the outrage of a half-blood female Alpha head on. Not to mention the fact that she has yet to find her mate, a blast from the past of Vasili when he was Alpha going on three years without a mate. The pack, not wanting to experience such instability again, put a one-year limit on her to find her other half when she turned seventeen before they force her to mate with someone of their choosing. So many problems closing on her at all fronts, having only weeks until her eighteenth birthday and Alpha Coronation. Will she find her mate in time? Can she quell the rumblings of unrest within her pack before they boil over? Will she conquer the whole of the USA, naming herself a monarch? Join Ruslana on her adventure to discover her destiny.


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The Alpha...
by ZA_Dresden