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Alexa is the oldest girl in he orphanage, she's 17. She was put there because her parents decided they didn't want to take care of her anymore. She has naturally long wavy blonde hair and lilac eyes, very unique. She has the perfect smile, her lips are plump and a peach color. Her nose is small, but goes perfectly with her face. Her jawline in natural, not to sharp, not to round. Her checks are flushed with a natural rose color. Her body was skinny, from lack of food. She is short, barely hitting the five foot mark. Her clothes are ragged, gross, worn, from the past girls in the orphanage. Alexa used to have a loving family. She would do dance and gymnastics with her parents until they gave her up when she turned 12. Like she wasn't up to there standers so they gave up on her. Alexa still secretly stretches every night after her chores. She still dances and cartwheels, back handsprings, when she gets free time. She loves dance and gymnastics. She has a strong passion for them. She just waits for the day when she will get adopted and be able to have a normal life again. When she will be able to dance and do flips all the time. This is her story of how her life changed dramatically. When she gets adopted by the one and only Jack G


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Owned By...
by Mendes_Fanfictiom