Ninja Apocalypse
By Rom247
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Lloyd Garmadon holds the coveted title of the most powerful Elemental Master in Ninjago. But even in times of peace he can't seem to catch a break. An imbalance in Lloyds' power seems to warp Lloyd's gentle personality and only Nya has noticed a change in him. She tries to convince the team something is very wrong but the rest of the team are happily oblivious. As character's change, so to does the heart, leading Nya to question who she loves. Can Lloyd understand and control himself before its too late? His very nature is tested and his friends are thrown into a fight for the defence of Ninjago, their powers and their lives. Or otherwise known as 'can I just make Lloyd a bad boy please?' I can? Awesome... 👏

1: The Way of the Ninja (edited)

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Ninja Apo...
by Rom247