Garnets and Leather...
By rivaereenthusiast
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Eren has one sin: being a dirty sadomasochist. Levi is an adult entertainer, actor and professional dominatrix. His line of work started at a simple hobby and later blossomed into a career. Eren has always suppressed his darkest fantasies of being whipped, chained, smacked and just downright treated like shit. He also fantasizes of doing very much the opposite as well. However he had no one to come out to and talk about these things he so desired- lacking a partner of any sort. That was until he came across a certain man online, actually on a dating site that Eren's friend- Armin- had hooked him up on. Levi's dating profile wasn't for dating at all, it actually only had a "business" number for a "fun time" and other means of information such as amateur sex tapes and photography of himself and bondage art. Right off the bat- Eren noticed Levi is one damn sexy man, with even a high match percentage with Eren. He even watched some of the videos from Levi's site to see how he fucked, spanked, punished and praised. Eren found himself enamoured with even the slightest details with how he breathed. Eren knew this was most likely his chance to bring his fantasies to a reality- and to give Levi a call. Amazing cover by eren.titanchild via Instagram!❤️

Vixen and The Devil

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Garnets a...
by rivaereenthusiast