Garbage Dump: Kirib...
By Calypse
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A collection of all my Kiribaku One Shots! Ritualistic Greed: Bakugous greed for happiness leads him to summon up a demon, but this demon is more of a bother than anything. Venting: During a subway ride Kirishima sees that Bakugou looks upset and despite being strangers he asks what's wrong. Lab Partners: Bakugou gets Kirishima as his lab partner....its a mess Youtube Crush: Kirishima stumbles upon Bakugous makeup tutorial and despite not caring about makeup Kirishima continues to watch. Learning Happiness: A letter from Bakugou to Kirishima. Lock Screen: Bakugou doesn't know how to put his emotions into words all he knows is that he's very gay for his boyfriend. And he just about short circuits thanks to one specific photo Seashells: Kirishima fears the ocean after a certain incident, but one day he finds merman Bakugou injured and quickly learns to be courageous for the sake of saving this stranger Even then: Kirishima and Bakugou find themselves in the middle of a zombie apocalypse. Things don't end how Bakugou wanted them too Light Ice: Soulmate AU, Kirishima ends up finally finding out he has a soul mate. Movie Night: Kirishima watches a horror movie. Token Idiot: Kirishima is a stand up comedian talking about the shocking revelation of him dating his best friend Lavender Routine: Bakugou has serious anger issues and Kirishima is the only one that can help calm him down Just Like You: Part II of stand up comedian Kirishima, this time he talks about his new baby! Weakness: Bakugou has never been able to show weakness, it is only now that he can and it absolutely terrifies him. Cover art by: franeridart on tumblr

Ritualistic Greed

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Garbage D...
by Calypse