His Promise
By Lela15555
  • Romance
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They say an innocent heart is the best in the world. They say those who have an innocent heart are lucky For me, it's a curse, because everyone uses it and plays with it, as they please. They play with me and take advantage of it And my naive innocent heart allows it. ___________________ " N-No No!! Don't ,don't Leave me Please!. P-Please Keiren don't do this to me!." NO!! "Open your eyes baby. Please i beg you " i screamed out of my mind seeing him bleed so much and not waking up. I prayed and hoped he would wake up and hug me like he always does and say that everything is going to be alright. Sweating and screaming i jolted up from my sleep. It was just a nightmare. Just a nightmare. In an instant arms wrapped themselves around me hugging me tight and protective " Hey-hey. Shhh, baby, it was just a dream. " his deep voice said making me relax abit. He suddenly picked me up and placed me on his lap, kissing my forehead while rubbing my back softly . I slowly stopped crying and leaned on him trying to control my breathing . I wrapped my arms around his neck pulling him closer and inhaling his addictive scent deeply. " i-i thought i lost you. I-i thought y-you left m-me. The car hit you and y-you wouldn't wake up. You were bleeding so much " i stuttered and burst into tears again . I couldn't handle the thought of losing him. " Shh baby I will never leave you. Who will take care of my princess if i am gone?" he said softly kissing my temple. " Promise you won't leave me? " I asked in a soft whisper, almost sounding like a baby. I looked into his eyes eagerly waiting for his response I saw something in his eyes that I couldn't quite explain, it was something I never saw in his eyes but it vanished in a split of a second . Maybe I am imagining things. " I Promise Flower " he said while smiling softly at me and putting a strand of hair behind my ear I sighed in relive and snuggled more into his chest. He will never leave me *Completed*


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His Promi...
by Lela15555