One of the Others
By Fitira
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Written in your point of view, your family is aquatinted with the royal family as your (G/N) (Guardian's Name) is a knight under King Rhoam's command. Although, you too are a warrior of your own kind, and too would like to serve for the royal family, if not all of Hyrule. To this extent, Princess Zelda allows you to train with Link and the other champions. The story follows you and the newly recruited Champions and how the lot of you blend together, all with unique personalities. But in the end, you befriend each one in time and prove yourself to be one of the others. (Finished.) (A/N: I chose to write (G/N) (Guardian's Name) rather than Mother or Father because of course not everyone reading this has both parents or just somebody else has full custody of them.)

Chapter One

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One of th...
by Fitira