One For The Team
By TinaJones279
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Sang Sorenson has just become the first female head coach in the MLB. The team that hired her are needing to completely overhaul the older team, and bring in younger, fresher faces, in hopes they won't have to sell the team. In come the Blackbourne Team. There have been talks about corruption throughout the MLB, and the Blackbourne and Toma teams have been called in to infiltrate the organization, and root out the people behind the corruption. The Blackbourne team have all landed starting positions, and will be working closely with Sang to try to get the clubhouse back in peak position, hopefully with a World Series win. Can they make it happen? Who is behind the corruption. How will their feelings for Sang fall into place, when they all have feelings for her, and her for all of them? This is my first time delving into a full story fanfic with established characters, so please be patient as I figure the story out. It probably won't be regular updates in the beginning as I map the story out. Maybe once a month until I get the hang of it. I do not own any of these characters. They belong strictly to CL Stone


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One For T...
by TinaJones279