Bad boys do it bett...
By toxic_girl2002
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A wise man once said bad boys are no good. But good boys are no fun. And let me tell you he was right When 17 year old camila martines, finds out she's moving schools For the 1st time She's angry. Scared. Nervous But this is no school It's a boarding school. When her parents put her into boarding school she has no choice but to go to After getting there the only thing she sees is boys Just a sea of men And then she realises SHE'S IN A BOYS SCHOOL And living in dorms didn't make it easier for her Chase Dallas. Also known as the bad boy of North california When he first hears there's a girl coming to an all boys school Hes curious to find out why What has this girl done that she has to come to an all boys boarding school But then when he sees her. He sees her as a harmless girl But then again looks could also be deceiving as well as personalities..... I wrote this when I was like 13 please leave the hate comments I was Young, it's being edited too


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Bad boys...
by toxic_girl2002