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By DystopicReality
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Have you ever wondered about the origins of the infamous characters of various Creepypasta stories, or perhaps, the Creepypasta stories themselves? Well, honey, ya came to the right place! Read pages, upon pages of Creepypasta characters and stories that contain canon facts, as well as where they originated from, and various versions of their stories the fans have picked up. And don't worry about those trust issues you have developed from various people telling you different things about your favorite Creepypasta because you can trust me. And when I say you can trust me, I mean you can trust me. Each and every chapter is heavily researched and contains information that came from the creators themselves. That being said, feel free to read the book chapter by chapter, or to skip around and merely view the Creepypastas you're interested in! Book cover created by moi. Jeff the Killer art by the good ol' Kyovan aka the Kyosein Alex. The myth, the legend that provided us with the key, childhood memory of the Jeff the Killer 'September' video 😔✊. No copyright intended. All Creepypasta characters belong to their rightful owners. Same with the artwork I put in this fact book.


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Facts to...
by DystopicReality