|| The Disappearanc...
By MissFallsALot
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(Based off of the anime ERASED) Kaito Momota will never forget the day he stood in the classroom alone with Kokichi Ouma in 5th Grade. A week after that day, Kokichi disappeared. Kaito has never truly rest since that day. What's worse, the kidnapper is still alive, kidnapping children and murdering anyone that finds out their identity. When Kaito's best friend since Grade School is killed by the kidnapper of Kokichi Ouma and countless other students, he is thrown back in time. Thrown back two months before Kokichi was kidnapped, Febuary 12. Two months before Kaito's birthday and two months before Kokichi was kidnapped. Now Kaito must find a way to save Kokichi Ouma, the boy he can't decide whether to like or hate.

Chapter One

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|| The Di...
by MissFallsALot