The Heirs of Death
By Tima_R
  • Fantasy
  • actionpacked
  • blood
  • darkmagic
  • dragons
  • fae
  • fantasy
  • fantasyadventure
  • gift
  • leader
  • legends
  • magic
  • mystery
  • phoenix
  • powers
  • prophecy
  • queen
  • valor


Book 2 #19 in Fantasy #8 in action-packed #27 in dark magic #28 in fantasy-adventure Everything Celestia Armedes has ever come to know is crumbling to ruins in front of her eyes. After successfully returning from her journey across the three continents and retrieving the Book of Astazan, the queen-to-be expected life would become less complicated. It did not. Her kingdom needs her now more than ever, which forces Celestia to remove her mask and step out of the lie she had made of her life. But when forces, darker and stronger than anything Celestia had ever known, are brewing in the south, awakening what shouldn't be brought back, Arodria is painfully falling into peril. Blood will be spilled, debts will be payed, allegiances will be made and broken, and Celestia and her friends will be faced with a desperate gamble that would either save them or doom them all. But will she be ready to pay the price forced on her to save everyone she holds dear? ~•~ This second installment of the Celestial Redeemer trilogy is filled with mysteries, magic, wicked twists, and heart-pounding action as Celestia dives straight into the lion's den to stop the greatest threat that ever existed before war crashes with it's full impact.

Starless: A Prologue

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The Heirs...
by Tima_R