The Sinister Billio...
By intoxicatedwoman123
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Ranked 1 in bestie out of 81 ranked 1 in sinister out of 83 Ranked 2 in abusive out of 743 stories, ranked 5 in billionaire out of 32, ranked 8 in stonehearted of of 17 Winner of the best story line by the majestic awards Cover credits goes to my BFF @michellemanisha "What a coincidence?" Said xavier steele with his dominating voice how can a human have a normal convo like a dictator accent? I wonder "oh yes indeed" i plastered a fake smile on my face i was about to turn around then suddenly i felt a hand on my shoulder i turn and give him a death glare "never touch me again" i hissed but he said " i was just asking you to bring a coffee you little brat go sho sho away and do your job" i sigh Rebecca Wilson a girl from chicago who has no one for her except for a boy of 4 years and works as a canteen girl for mr barneys huge company Who is that boy? Her baby? Was she abandoned by hey boyfriend when she was pregnant? Well how could that be? When she is a virgin ! Yes, Rebecca was neither stylish nor beautiful instead she was a troublemaker,clumsy,lazy,funny,frank inshort she was miss imperfect what here schoolmates called her Then why is that boy with her? Why does that boy calls Rebecca mama? Find out what led her to nurture him Xavier Steele a well known bussiness man who is always known as the "man with a cold heart" everyone hates him not even his family gets along with him ... but there's an other side of his story too.... just like a coin who has two sides .... what made him so cold hearted? Why is he like this ..? All he wants to is grow rich filfy rich why has money gotten into his head? Know his deepest darkest secrets Hatred,betrayal,lies,anger,murder,sorrows,griefs,never ending flashbacks,haunting past all bottled into one book can love make a place ? Caution Too much violence : read at your own risk I promise dear reader this book is gonna be different my first book ever please ignore the mistakes and enjoy


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The Sinis...
by intoxicatedwoman123