Why does every thin...
By skyler58
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Well when Anna finds out that her sister has snow powers Elsa runs through the forest where she meets Jack Frost in a snow castle crying and when she talks to him he is surprised because no one could see him where he was from.They become good friend but when the guardians kid nap Jack Frost because they need his help because pitch is trying to turn everything in to darkness.Then when Elsa finds out that he is gone she wonders what happened so she goes to find her sister for help to find out that she was looking for her and when Elsa meets Christoph shes like 'really Anna another boy' you just liked Hans yesterday.They go to the village first to look for Jack and there's when they find his sister Emma now Elsa didn't know Jack had a sister and when Elsa told Emma that Jack is still alive she didn't believe her. Read and find out what all goes on.

Chapter one Do you want to build a snow man

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Why does...
by skyler58