Here She comes
By lorenzaoct20
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*Of course I got permission from the original author but before you read mine you gotta read the original to understand Its called Family comes first, Truth comes second an tradition comes thir. The original owner @masonfitzzy. But for my story there will be supernatural going on* Anastasia White was 19 year old girl who didnt know what happened to her parents and left behind by her older brother. She lives with her Aunt who shield her from the world. One day Anastasia White met a strange man asking quesions and gets kiddnapped to be the wife of his son Tommy. Anastasia white doesnt know her family heritage. For the fact that they are hunters of the night wolves in human skin. Tommy a boy obsessed with his brothers girl found infatuation with Anastasia but little did he know of her life or who she is exactly. Tommy even though he is infatuated by her couldnt even control her until he broke her to her limit. And witness the darkness that dwell in her pass. Two people that were forced together one who is willing while the other is doubting but what if the older brother joins that equation? *I dont know if the summary makes sense*

Chapter one-The beginning

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Here She...
by lorenzaoct20