Her Plastic Heart
By lumtrexa
  • Horror
  • android
  • butler
  • crebil
  • dollmaker
  • dolls
  • drama
  • gothic
  • hate
  • horror
  • hotel
  • houseman
  • housemen
  • lauren
  • love
  • machine
  • maid
  • mansion
  • master
  • mystery
  • paranormal
  • romance
  • scifi


In the secluded woods of New York resides a luxurious invitation-only hotel that seems frozen in time. Only the richest are able to afford the hotel's luxurious gothic themed commodities, run by the Dollmaker's very own life-sized dolls. Trained from their creation to preserve an emotionless and detached charisma, the dolls know little to nothing about human emotions. Being the first doll made, Lauren knows all the rigid rules they must obey and she helps new dolls get adjusted to their daily tasks, to keep them from getting in trouble. Having been around longer than the other dolls though, Lauren becomes jealous of the freedom and emotions the humans enjoy and it makes it all the easier, for her to put an end to it. So it makes sense why the hotel has no returning guests. However, silently watching a certain doll's hatred for humanity grow, the Dollmaker begins to get concerned that his own creation will hate him as well. After all, the Dollmaker has his own desires too, something humans could only give him at an expense -- their life.

Chapter 1-A Doll's Reflection

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Her Plast...
by lumtrexa