My Best Friend Vs M...
By Lucky_Duck3
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Spencer is an ordinary girl she comes from a small family and is your average teenager, there’s just one thing that’s different, Spencer’s best friend is not ordinary, she has been in love with her best friend for longer than she can remember, they grew up together but when he enters the X-Factor and becomes part of a boy band that becomes one of the UK’s biggest boy bands their friendship is strained and she finds that they are being forced apart. She learns to deal with it but when she finds out that he has a girlfriend her heart was crushed she doesn’t believe she can love again, she goes off to college where she meets Tyler he’s smart, good looking and look’s at her the way she could only wish her best friend would so as an attempt to get over him she ends up with a boyfriend who treats her like she’s special and she could only wish that her BF could get on with her BFF but what happened between them may have caused her to realize something she wasn’t expecting. Who will win the fight? Who will Spencer let steal her heart? Who will be the one to come out on top?


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My Best F...
by Lucky_Duck3