You Still Love Me...
By weirdoiscool
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[RiRen] Eren is in an abusive relationship. He could get out of it anytime he wanted, it's just that he didn't want to. He loved that man with all of his heart and still doe-. He usually hesitated when he mentioned up the fact that he still loved HIM. It was HIM that caused the bruises on his body. It was HIM that caused physical and sometimes, mental abuse to Eren. It was HIM that swore he would love him forever and ever, and never turn against that. He hurt him so much. Yet he still couldn't leave. WARNING: CONTAINS VIOLENCE, DOMESTIC ABUSE, sexual assault, AND STRONG LANGUAGE. Highest Rank: #1 in Stalker on May 13th, 2018 Disclaimer: No, this isn't a copy of LaddyAnonymous': 'Blurry' book on Quotev, if you've ever read it. Although she did inspire me to write this book. This is just a story I have been thinking of since late 2015 before I even read the book in early 2016, and started debating on whether I should post it or not. And I finally got the balls to do it, so enjoy! And if you believe I'm 'copying her', you may leave this book right now. Started: January 22nd, 2018 Finished:


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You Still...
by weirdoiscool