Band Nerd and the J...
By DancinInRain
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I laughed at Christy's story but stopped short when I saw them with deer in the head lights look and followed their line of sight. When I turned fully in that direction I saw what had them frozen in their spots. MY CAR. It was trashed and the football that was taped to the top gave the hint of who was responsible. My friends were hesitant in walking towards me and who could blame them? NO ONE messed with my car and got away with it. With all the calmness I could utter I headed off towards the field house with only one thing in mind REVENGE. What happens when brains mixes with bronze? When a little competition turns sour for everyone? Or a girl's most prized possession, her car, get trashed with thousands of dollars needed in repairs? Well of course it's none other than everyday life in high school right? Well that's not what Sadie thought....or her best guy friend Skylar either but who knows what the future has planned for these two but the question is.... Can they face it together or get torn apart?

Band Nerd and the Jock

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Band Nerd...
by DancinInRain