Straight 'A's and S...
By _Jessica_James_
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Ryder Harris is a troubled girl. Plagued with the absence of her parents, she struggles with life on a good day. Not to mention the torrents of abuse she receives from her peers at school. She just wants to fit in. At least she thinks she does. Maybe fitting in isn't what she needs to feel truly happy, maybe confidence in herself is. Blaze Xander is confident, cocky and...well... to put it bluntly - a bad boy. In fact I'm pretty sure that searching his name on Google would bring up a definition of the word bad boy with an image of him accompanied by his trademark smirk and leather jacket. They are complete opposites, worlds apart... I mean she gets Straight 'A's' and he's a Streetfighter... How could it possibly work? Are they really as different from each other as they seem? What happens when a school of bullies, the lives of two troubled teens, an overprotective brother, absent adults and love all collide?

Chapter 1

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by _Jessica_James_